Eduardo Eugenio Spers hold a post-doctorate in Wageningen University (WUR-Netherlands), a specialization at the International Agro-food Management Institut (IGIA-France) and a doctorate degree in business administration at the University of São Paulo (USP). Full Professor at University of São Paulo, campus Esalq, and Coordinator of the MarkEsalq Marketing Project. Member of the Brazilian National Technical Commission on Biosafety (CTNBio).

Published 117 articles in scientific journals, 312 papers in scientific events, 13 books and 48 chapters. Review 317 papers as ad hoc and other 157 activities such as short courses, interviews, advisory services, consultancies and lectures. Supervised 4 postdoctoral students, 32 dissertations, 4 thesis, 13 specialization monographs and 227 undergraduate student final works. Supervised also 153 other types of undergraduate works such as professional internships and 30 scientific projects. Participated in 245 scientific events and organized 39. Evaluate as a former member of 262 master’s and doctoral degrees and other 584 of specialization and undergraduate degrees exams. Board member of 38 judging commissions and competitions. Research interest are consumer behavior and marketing management applied to Food-Agribusiness and Retail sectors.